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Flavour Infusion
Flavour Infusion
Flavour Infusion
 Roast Bacon Sweet Mustard Flavour Infusions
Flavour Infusion
 Roast Corn Flavour Infusions
Flavour Infusion
 Exotic Thai Flavour Infusions
Flavour Infusion
 Marinated Mediterannean Flavour Infusions
How to use Flavour Infusion:

Every flavour can be used in any one of a multitude of ways limited only by your own imagination.  To start you off we suggest you try using Flavour Infusion as:
  1. Dressing
  2. Basting
  3. Marinade
  4. Sauce
  5. Condiment
Available flavours:

All of our Flavour Infusions are mixed fresh and ready to use.  Choose from seven hand-developed flavours :
  1. Authentic Tomato Kasoundi
  2. Cajun Creole
  3. Caribbean Curry Mango
  4. Exotic Thai
  5. Roasted Corn
  6. Marinated Mediterranean
  7. Roast Bacon and Sweet Mustard

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Flavour Infusions are designed for busy kitchens where cost effective portion control is a must but taste and quality cannot be compromised.
  • Designed by chefs for chefs
  • Cost effective solution that will excite the taste buds
  • Designed to meet the increasing demands in the busy kitchen
  • Upgrade, improve and differentiate your menus easily and without compromise
  • Multiple uses limited only by your imagination
  • Created to assist with accurate portion controlling
  • The perfect compliment to your freshly prepared foods
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