Product Detail / Fresh Cut Fruit and Vegetables

 Peeled 1/4 Cut Potato
 Peeled Red Onion
 Peeled Carrot
Let us save you valuable time in the kitchen by peeling your produce for you.
  • Reduce time taken in the preparations – free your staff up for other tasks
  • Reduce waste by ordering only what you need
  • Ensure best quality – all of our produce is prepared to order
  • Tell us what you need – we work with you to ensure you receive exactly what you need
  • Fully compliant with best industry practice
  • Clean, hygienic and quarantine approved
  • Delivered to your business in refrigerated trucks to ensure the best quality products are supplied

Normally peeling takes time.  Time you could better use doing other things.  Talk to us and find out how we can take care of all your peeling needs and deliver the freshest and the best to you daily.  Free your kitchen staff up to do more of what you love, knowing that your ingredients are some of the best Western Australia has to offer.

Speak to our Ordering Department today to discuss how we can assist you.  Contact us now on (08) 9497 0700 or email
Did you know?

Did you know that we also provide whole fruit and vegetables as well as freshly prepared salads and our own unique dressings and sauces?
Where do we source our fresh cut fruit and vegetables?

All Zimbulis fresh produce is sourced locally from approved suppliers throughout Australia and brought into our facility on a daily basis.  This ensures you receive only the very freshest fruit and vegetables.  
How do we prepare our fresh cut fruit and vegetables?

All of our fresh cut fruit and vegetables are prepared in-house daily under strict hygiene and quality control conditions.  This ensures that we deliver consistently fresh, high quality produce at all times, giving you extra shelf life on your products and adding value to your service. 
How do we deliver our fresh cut fruit and vegetables?

Our aim is to ensure that your produce reaches you in the freshest condition.  That’s why we deliver using refrigerated trucks direct from our depot throughout the Perth metropolitan area.  For deliveries across the country and overseas we employ a third party food delivery company that has been carefully selected. We are committed to serving the needs of our customer and ensuring that our products meet the highest standards and expectations. 

This is what makes us the innovative fresh food company of choice.