Product Detail / Salad

 Sweet Potato Red Quinoa Salad
 Kaosundi Basmati Rice Salad
 Roast Vegetable Mix
 Lemon Rice Salad
Natural salads are the perfect way to enjoy the combination of flavours nature had in mind.  All of our fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced from reputable growers and delivered to our facility daily.
  • Growing variety of flavours and combinations
  • Prepared daily under strict conditions to ensure quality and consistency
  • Ideal for catering or available in retail packs
  • Ready to serve so you save valuable time in the kitchen – no need to chop, wash and mix
  • Chemical free and quarantine approved

We prepare our natural salads daily to ensure maximum freshness and extended shelf life.  Available in catering packs or smaller retail display packs, our natural salads provide you with a quick, cost effective, healthy option for your customers.
Some of our popular combinations include:
  • Fruit Salad
  • Roast Vegetable Mix
Our natural salads can be created to suit special dietary requirements or your own creative combinations.  Speak to our Food Development Manager to find out how we can help create a unique salad combination just for you.  Contact us today on (08) 9479 0700 or email
Did you know?

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