Food Standards
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Zimbulis fresh foods are exactly that – fresh!  All of our produce is sourced from approved growers and delivered to us daily.  We buy locally and from growers across Australia so that we can bring you the very best of high quality produce in season. 

We are a HACCP Certified company and we produce to order meaning you get the very freshest results of the highest quality every time.  Our on-site Quality Assurance Manager ensures that every delivery adheres to strict policy guidelines and industry standards.

Quality Policy Statement

We are dedicated to providing safe, quality produce by adopting a quality approach in all the activities we perform.

Zimbulis is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers ensuring that food safety requirements and preparation of safe food is maintained to ensure a consistently high quality product.

To demonstrate our commitment to food quality and best practice systems in general, all food products are purchased from approved suppliers.  HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) principles will be used to manage food safety at all stages of processing and handling.

Zimbulis is committed to developing innovative products adding value to our customers’ business requirements.  We will strive to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

The management and staff of GA Zimbulis & Sons recognise that providing safe, quality produce is everyone’s responsibility.  Our staff will handle and distribute fresh and further processed fruit and vegetable products that comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.


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We have been awarded a Quarantine Management Award by Chevron for our continuing commitment to meet the stringent quarantine requirements essential for transporting fresh fruit and vegetables onto Class A Nature Reserve Barrow Island.

Delivering fresh produce to quarantine zones

Barrow Island, located approximately 60km off the northwest coast of Western Australia, is the location of the world’s largest natural gas project, the Gorgon Project.  The Gorgon Project is operated by Chevron Australia.

Operating within this Class A Nature Reserve, Chevron Australia have developed the world’s largest non-government quarantine initiative widely acknowledged by the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority as “likely to be world’s best practice”.

Getting fresh fruit and vegetables onto the island requires strict adherence to extensive regulations to ensure protection of this important nature reserve.  In recognition of our commitment to excellence and delivering beyond expectation, Zimbulis was approached directly to be the supplier of fresh produce to the Gorgon Project.

We were presented with the Quarantine Management Award in December 2010 “In recognition of [our] ongoing commitment to meeting the requirements of [our] Quarantine Management Plan and [our] support of Gorgon Quarantine.” 

Commitment to meeting customer needs

Since that time we have undergone regular, strict inspections to ensure standards and adherence to quarantine requirements.  We are proud to have achieved this as it reflects our company policy to deliver the highest quality of produce that meets or exceeds customer expectation.

Our quarantine status is just one example of our commitment to meeting the needs of all of our customers.


Occupational Health and Safety

At Zimbulis our safety and health is an integral part of our everyday activities.  Our priority is ensuring that the safety and health of our employees, contractors and visitors is a priority in our efforts to achieve an injury free environment.


  • The prevention and elimination of work related injury and illness
  • The provision of a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, contractors and visitors
  • The continual improvement and regular reviews of the health and safety systems in place

  • Establish measurable safety and health objectives and targets to meet intentions and regularly review our progress, ensuring that this policy remains relevant to our business
  • Provide employees and contractors with information and training to:
    • Increase their knowledge and skills to undertake their work safely
    • Be accountable for safety performance in their areas of responsibility
  • Ensure hazards are identified, assessed and controlled
  • Comply with relevant Occupational Safety and Health legislation, standards and codes of practice
  • Require all visitors to our premises to respect our policies and follow our procedures which have been created to provide a safe working environment
  • Provide induction and training for our people
  • Consult with staff and contractors where relevant to enhance the effectiveness of procedures
  • Conduct investigations into all reported incidents



All managers and supervisors are key personnel with Zimbulis’s Health and Safety Programs.  They are to provide the initiative and follow-up action necessary to maintain health & safety within their respective departments.  They must ensure that individual employees are safety minded and to investigate all unsafe conditions and activities.

Employees are expected to:
  • Take reasonable care to ensure good safety and health procedures are implemented at all times
  • Identify and support measures to eliminate unsafe conditions
  • Take personal responsibility for their own safety and for those of other employees by always operating in a safe and appropriate manner.